FRC Crew


Shelly Fleming

Co-Host/Pro Staff

It was getting very close to gun season in November and my Dad was fretting more and more by the minute that his last baby out of five was going to interfere with yet another deer season back home in West Virginia. Yep, sure enough, on November 27th I was born. It didn’t take too many years for my Dad to talk me into running through the hills of West Virginia to run the deer his way during a hunt with my Uncle Kenny. I would do just about anything to hang out with my Dad, Leon Bibey, and to be out in the outdoors. It also did not seem all that long before I joined the Army and quickly became a sharpshooter with an M16. I spent the next four years concentrating on computer science and a business education degree.

When I met Curtis in college and when he asked me out on our first date, which happened to be the first day of squirrel season, needless to say he was quite impressed that I scored the first squirrel and had plenty of time waiting on him to finish the novel I was reading. All too quickly the years have grown into the amazing days we now wake to each day. I have since finished my time with the military, finished my master’s degree, promoted quickly in the ranks of education administration.

My greatest accolades over the years center around my three greatest blessings: Curtis, Laken, and Autumn. Along the way, I helped move a school system from low performance test scores into an exemplary school recognized across the great State of West Virginia and many years of distinguished performance ever since. Motivating others to do their best and rise above any roadblocks that may be in the way is my passion. Sharing this energy with the FRC team is going to be too much fun!


Laken Meadows


Laken Meadows was born and raised a Mountaineer, however followed her heart to Texas where she resides on a cattle ranch with her husband, Dillon. Laken is a board certified Physician Assistant specializing in Primary Care. Spending time outdoors whether it be on the ranch, fly fishing, hunting, or running around with her dog, will always be where Laken feels closest to God.


Autumn Fleming


Autumn will begin her career as a pharmacist after graduation in May of 2023. She will marry former WVU kicker and West Virginia native Evan Staley in June of 2023. Fishing remains to be her favorite hobby with her dad and family. She plans to continue fishing as she begins her future with the best catch of her life.


Evan Staley

Vice President of Operations/Pro Staff

As an 8th generation West Virginian, I was drawn to the outdoors from an early age. Almost every weekend growing up was spent with my parents and little sister either hunting, fishing or playing sports. As I grew, so did my love for the outdoors, for as long as I can remember every birthday I would make my parents take me to my aunt and uncle’s river house so I could go fishing. The first time I was ever introduced to fly fishing I was hooked immediately. I would collect feathers from outside, my mom’s sewing thread, and some of my dad’s old rusty hooks and would try to hot glue everything together to make my own flies. 

In college, I was fortunate enough to attend my dream school, West Virginia University on a football scholarship. During my time there, I crossed paths with a girl named Autumn Fleming…little did I know 5 years later we would be getting married. Although my master’s degree is in Safety Engineering, when Curtis offered me a job with FRC, it was a dream come true.



Michelle Duez

Director Of Business Operations

I grew up in suburban Maryland, less than 20 miles from the White House and chose to go to West Virginia University as a wildlife management major because of my affinity for the outdoors (I'm a die-hard Mountaineer fan!).  My love for West Virginia was seeded and has now grown deep roots.  I've called WV home for thirty years. I married a WV native, Matt, and we have three sons, Michael, Mark and Mitchell. I love to travel and find adventure with my family and friends.

I have a strong background in sales. After the passing of beloved office manager, Sonya Moore Coats, FRC needed some assistance.  Through family and friend connections, I was tied to Curtis and the rest is history.  It's a joy to be a part of the FRC crew and encounter so many wonderful people that help make the show both behind and in front of the camera.


Christian Kerns


I am from the small town of Philippi in the beautiful State of WV. Mark Twain said “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I am blessed that I have found that job. My work with Fly Rod Chronicles has allowed me to pursue my passion and to travel to places that once was a dream, now becoming a reality. As a photographer, and videographer you want to share your skills, visions and expertise with those who need their stories told through amazing shots and moments captured from behind the lens. Getting that “perfect” footage, or that “amazing” shot is who I am. I’m working to build an unbelievable portfolio, working with Fly Rod Chronicles allows me to add to that, and preserve the stories of our travels for years to come. I have an eye for things that to most remain unseen, to me it doesn’t add to the story, it becomes the story. Once I find the story I begin to switch hats to Producer. Working to put together the clips and experiences to make one unforgettable show after another.


Charlie Mooney


For almost 30 years I have been working in the outdoor industry. I have worked in everything from retail to wildland firefighting. I have been a whitewater raft guide and a snowboard coach. It was in the ’90s that I was living in Colorado and started fly fishing. While in Colorado I started to guide part-time. During this same time, I started doing video production and television. I moved back to my family farm in West Virginia where my wife and I raise our two boys and I operate my guide service Vandalia Outfitters. I had the privilege to guide Curtis and the rest is history as they say. I am happy to say that I am now part of the Fly Rod Chronicles crew!


Chad See

Field Producer/Videographer

At the age of ten I saw the movie a River Runs Through it and was captivated by fly fishing. I knew I had to learn to do that and I will never forget getting a fly rod at the local WalMart that same year and heading out to our farm pond in search of bluegills. I started out catching panfish and bass but this quickly led to me fishing for trout.

Today I have fished all over the East coast and caught numerous species using variety of flies and techniques. My favorites have always been trout and salmon with a real fetish for brown trout. At the age of seventeen I got my first job guiding fly fishing trips and that led to my later employment as the manager and guide at a fly fishing resort. I have fished the famed Elk River in WV most of my life and this has led me to become addicted to fishing micro hatches and tiny flies. I often times fish flies downs to size 32 with tippets as small as 10X.

I have been blessed to have a lot of favorite fly fishing moments but the best of the best are my 33 inch brown trout from New York and landing a 36 inch king salmon on 10X tippet. My fishing addiction has also affected my career as a taxidermist. My studio specializes in replica fish mounts and I have worked hard to become one of the best in my field. Overall, it’s hard for me to remember a time when fishing was not a huge part of my life and the doors the sport has opened for me leaves me feeling more than lucky.


Greg Perry

Field Producer/Videographer

Greg Perry is a thirty-year veteran of the creative business.  Over the years he has performed as a university photographer, a freelance corporate photographer, an aerial videographer, and a magazine publisher.  All of those positions led him to his current role as a corporate video producer for one of the largest construction companies in the world, CRH, where he helps tell the stories of the great people and companies within the Appalachian Materials Region of the company. He also flies inventory-measuring drones for West Virginia Paving, also a CRH company.

His roster of freelance clients and credits consist of local, regional, and national marketing companies, healthcare marketing agencies, music/entertainment marketing companies, state universities, national aerial service providers, broadcast TV outlets, and his favorite, Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming. 

Perry is a two-time Telly Award winner in video production for healthcare work done with Barnes Agency of Hurricane, WV.

Greg is an avid fly-fisherman, particularly fond of pursuing Native Brook Trout in various small streams in the higher elevations of West Virginia as well as wild Rainbow and Brown Trout in the southern part of the state.

Born and raised in St. Albans, West Virginia, Perry proudly holds a degree from Marshall University. Greg and his wife Jennifer and daughter Julia live in Huntington with their two cats.


John Judy


Growing up in the hills of West Virginia, my love for the outdoor started from a young age. It started with my dad taking me on my first hunting and fishing trips, I will always cherish the memories we made together and our time spent in the outdoors in this beautiful state. Evan Staley and I became best friends in the 6th grade and have been ever since. I first met Autumn Fleming and her family when Evan and Autumn started dating in college, from the moment I met the FRC family they treated me like family. I am so thankful and excited for the opportunity to be a part of the FRC family and to continue to share my love for the outdoors with others.


Andrew Cameron

Marketing Consultant/Webmaster

Growing up in and around Central Florida, I’ve never had a lack of fishable water, or a lack of fishing friends. The best part to me is always finding new water to fish, as exploration really fuels my mind. There’s something about hidden creeks in the forests, or racing to a small run that’s sure to run dry with the out-going tide.

I used to have a huge focus in my life called YakAngling Magazine, and it absolutely brought me closer to the industry. With that and a background in marketing and social media management, I found myself networking and making good friends with Mark Steven Crouse. He is the one who ultimately introduced me to Curtis and opened this door. To say I’m humbled is an understatement.

Fast forward more than half a decade, and my passion lies in helping businesses grow. Founded a company called NextFish, and we operate the marketing side of numerous businesses in the fishing industry, as well as non-endemics, too. From the foundation of a business' digital footprint to the vehicle that is their marketing and sales.