FRC Crew

Meet The Crew

Curtis Fleming – Host/Executive Producer

As the son of a coal miner growing up in Central West Virginia, I would sit within classrooms and daydream of being outdoors on a stream instead of listening to the drone of my teachers. It was my father that I owe the most to for teaching me about life and introducing me to hunting and fishing. Dad served our country in the United State Marine Corps in the early 60's and then followed a family tradition in becoming an underground coal miner. Dad worked very hard six to seven days a week in the coal mines of West Virginia that claim the lives of many men and women. When Dad would get that rare day off or take his well earned vacation time, we would spend it camping along a trout stream or in the hard woods of West Virginia chasing whitetail deer.

Competitive sports were a big part of my life and I never remember my mother or father not sitting on the hot bleachers on the field or in the gym. It is to them I owe many thanks. My fondest memories were spent along a stream in a wall tent listening to Dad tell ole Semper Fi stories or how he made a living in the dark & damp coal mines.

I broke family tradition and went to college and did not become a coal miner. Although I don't regret not becoming a miner, I do respect and salute all of the men and women that protect and serve our country. Today, I am blessed with two lovely daughters, Laken and Autumn and a beautiful wife Shelly. I thank God for letting me borrow his children for our short time on this earth.
After working 15 years in education with troubled youth as well as serving as President & CEO of a gas & oil company, with the support of my family, I have decided to leave my work behind to pursue my passion for the art of fly fishing. Traveling both far away and close to home, please join me, my friends, and special guests, in our ultimate outdoor adventures. These are my Fly Rod Chronicles.

Michelle Fleming – Administrative Executive

It was getting very close to gun season in November and my Dad was fretting more and more by the minute that his last baby out of five was going to interfere with yet another deer season back home in West Virginia. Yep, sure enough, on November 27th I was born. It didn’t take too many years for my Dad to talk me into running through the hills of West Virginia to run the deer his way during a hunt with my Uncle Kenny. I would do just about anything to hang out with my Dad, Leon Bibey, and to be out in the outdoors. It also did not seem all that long before I joined the Army and quickly became a sharpshooter with an M16. I spent the next four years concentrating on computer science and a business education degree.

When I met Curtis in college and when he asked me out on our first date, which happened to be the first day of squirrel season, needless to say he was quite impressed that I scored the first squirrel and had plenty of time waiting on him to finish the novel I was reading. All too quickly the years have grown into the amazing days we now wake to each day. I have since finished my time with the military, finished my master’s degree, promoted quickly in the ranks of education administration, and took an early retirement from a principalship in the great state of West Virginia to join Curtis and his crew on Fly Rod Chronicles.

My greatest accolades over the years center around my three greatest blessings: Curtis, Laken, and Autumn. Along the way, I helped move a school system from low performance test scores into an exemplary school recognized across the great State of West Virginia and many years of distinguished performance ever since. Motivating others to do their best and rise above any roadblocks that may be in the way is my passion. Sharing this energy with the FRC team is going to be too much fun!

Ryan Harman – Production Consultant

Having been blessed with a childhood in the rural mountains of Eastern West Virginia my fly fishing roots run deep. My passion for the sport has carried me too far away places and friendly waters close to home. Over the years I have had the opportunity to hone my skills in the competitive fly fishing arena and continue to learn the newest techniques as part of the NC Fly Fishing Team.

For me, fly fishing has opened the door to incredible places and truly unique people, but the greatest reward has been found in my affiliations with TU and Project Healing Waters. I can think of no better tribute to the sport than to share my passion with others.

Ten years in the broadcasting business and thirteen years in the finance industry provided for a strong background in the operational and production aspects of the industry and my affiliation with Fly Rod Chronicles has allowed me to merge this experience with the sport that I love.

Jarod McClure – Producer/Videographer

I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world who is living his dream of producing a hit outdoor television show. I have a serious passion for hunting, fishing and videography. I grew up and live in the beautiful state of West Virginia, and love the places and people that are tucked away in The Mountain State. I studied Broadcast Journalism at West Virginia University and bleed Blue and Gold. I’ve worked at The Mountaineer Sports Network, ESPN and now Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming. Nothing beats a great day streamside with Curtis and The Crew, and getting to meet all the interesting people along the way.

Chad See – Videographer

At the age of ten I saw the movie a River Runs Through it and was captivated by fly fishing. I knew I had to learn to do that and I will never forget getting a fly rod at the local WalMart that same year and heading out to our farm pond in search of bluegills. I started out catching panfish and bass but this quickly led to me fishing for trout.

Today I have fished all over the East coast and caught numerous species using variety of flies and techniques. My favorites have always been trout and salmon with a real fetish for brown trout. At the age of seventeen I got my first job guiding fly fishing trips and that led to my later employment as the manager and guide at a fly fishing resort. I have fished the famed Elk River in WV most of my life and this has led me to become addicted to fishing micro hatches and tiny flies. I often times fish flies downs to size 32 with tippets as small as 10X.

I have been blessed to have a lot of favorite fly fishing moments but the best of the best are my 33 inch brown trout from New York and landing a 36 inch king salmon on 10X tippet. My fishing addiction has also affected my career as a taxidermist. My studio specializes in replica fish mounts and I have worked hard to become one of the best in my field. Overall, it's hard for me to remember a time when fishing was not a huge part of my life and the doors the sport has opened for me leaves me feeling more than lucky.